Houston is home to an all-matcha place that takes you far beyond your basic matcha lattes! Which, c'mon, matcha lattes are amazing but you can only have so many before it becomes a little boring. So it's awesome that the new Meccha Matcha is whipping up all kinds of different desserts out of this deceptively simple green stuff.

(Also, it's all made out of green tea so that means these desserts are healthy, right?)

H-town is every foodie's dream, bring a city where you can find any kind of cuisine your heart (or taste buds) desire. It's no surprise that Houston is home to an eatery dedicated specifically to green desserts!

If you're a fan of the tried-and-true, you can for sure still pick up a delicious latte. However, if you're wanting to branch out and try something new, they offer unique latte flavors like matcha lavender and matcha black sesame. 

The lattes will for sure keep you warm. Although it technically is winter, ice cream is still needed as a year-round treat, and Meccha Matcha has their fair share of creamy concoctions.



Choose between ice cream, soft serve, floats, and shaved ice, and with fun toppings like red beans and mochi. But if you really want to take it up a notch, get "America's strongest matcha ice cream."

Just because it's the strongest, doesn't mean you can't try it. They offer different matcha strength levels ranging from Level 1 Matcha (25% matcha), to Level 3 Matcha (55% matcha). 

Not only do you get to choose the amount of matcha you're getting in your treat, you also know that it's quality because all of their matcha is premium grade and sourced directly from Uji, Japan

Have you gotten too carried away on the caffeinated green stuff and are all matcha-ed out? You can try black sesame ice cream, a pretty pink strawberry latte, or even a whole avocado blended ice!


Whether you've never had matcha before or you're addicted to the green stuff, you should go grab a funky treat. And if you aren't into matcha, how about decadent desserts for tonight? There's also cotton candy-themed shops in town.

Meccha Matcha

Price: šŸ’ø

Address: 9889 Bellaire Blvd d220, Houston, TX

Why you need to go: You need to step out of your matcha rut and try creative recipes made with your favorite caffeine source.



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