Houston is a place with so many amazing bars, each different from the rest. But have you heard of a bar with an actual slide in it. You have now because according to Eater, Electric FeelGood just opened in Midtown and brought the most instagramable decor with them. 

The neon-colored bar is basically an adult playground. The main attraction is a massive slide that you can ride whether you are drunk or sober. (Don't forget to put down your drink first!) Drinks also happen to be cheap: some are $5, so it's a win-win for a night out on the town. Or, how about your plans for the next Sunday fun day?

Apart from the slide, where you'll be taking one too many boomerangs, you have to check out their amazing "Feel Fckn Good" neon sign. Not only is that their slogan, but it's probably the theme for your night out.

Don't fret if that's at all not your thing. If you just want to grab a beer and chill, do just that while you watch your favorite sports team on one of their many TVs. Having a breathtaking view of the city is definitely a plus too, and makes this place extra insta-happy.


If you still aren't feeling the vibe, we got you! Houston is home to amazing bars including Sweet Flamingo and The Truck Yard, which has a Ferris wheel you can actually take a ride on. 

Otherwise, Electric FeelGood is located at 2416 Brazos Suite A, Houston, Texas 77006. If you need more information on this fun, new bar, feel free to check out their Facebook page here. The bar is open now for some electric good times.

Electric FeelGood

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Drinks

Address: 2416 Brazos Suite A, Houston, Texas 77006

Why You Need To Go: This new bar in Houston has an indoor slide as well as tons of crazy neon fun.

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