We've all had the urge to get behind the bar and make a drink ourselves at least once. Whether it's for time's sake or just to show off, there's no arguing it'd be pretty cool to pour our own glasses of booze. For Houston, the idea of a self-serve bar is becoming a reality as of next spring, and nothing is going to stop us from being one of the first in line. 

According to Eater Houston, Kevin Floyd has announced the opening of a self-serve bar called Shoot the Moon, and is anticipating it to be open to the public in Spring 2020. Beers, wines, and spirits will all be self-serve from a literal tap wall. If you've never seen one in Houston, it's because Shoot the Moon will have the first-ever in the city.

For all you foodies out there, Shoot the Moon will have both a bar and a restaurant, so you wont have to worry about eating before you stop by. The location will be on Long Point Road near many other Houston hot spots, but we're expecting Shoot the Moon to take the cake.

For those wondering who to cheers to, we have masterminds Kevin Floyd, Jonas Herd and Dax McAnear to thank for all of their hard work to get the ball rolling on this project. If you're not from the Houston area, you'll have a very important reason to visit the city soon.

We can hardly wait for the doors at Shoot the Moon to finally open. While Spring 2020 seems incredibly far away, there's plenty of awesome things happening in Houston until then to fill the time. We can't wait to get to pouring. 

Shoot The Moon

Price: TBA

Cuisine: TBA

Address: 8141 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055

Why You Need To Go: So that your dreams of being a killer bartender can come true!

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