Fancy food is great, getting all dressed up to go eat a really nice meal is always a classic date-night. But have you ever left one of those dinners already wanting to go by the drive-thru because the meal you just dropped a pretty penny on didn't even fill you up? Fancy dishes can be great, but sometimes we just need the biggest amount of food possible, and this Houston restaurant has massive burgers bigger than your head!

Fusion Grill in Katy started off as a Houston favorite food truck but they recently opened their restaurant and it's a burger lovers paradise!

They serve up classic American foods like burgers, hot dogs, and fries, but with a Latin American twist. On their menu, there's also tacos, plantains, and tres leches.

The result is a unique sort of comfort food, which is made even better because it all comes in huge portions.

Fusion Grill's burgers are super unique creations, some like the Mr. Fusion burger come topped with plantains, the Gaucha Burger has chimichurri sauce, and a few burgers even come loaded with fries in them.

No need to order a side of fries, although there's no such thing as too many potatoes!

If one burger patty isn't enough, their burgers are easily customizable and you can add a second, or even third patty if you want to get really wild, and are reckless when it comes to things like cholesterol.

Their other menu items are also huge and come in unique flavors. Like the salchiqueso hot dog, which is a popular Venezuelan street food that comes loaded with a bunch of gooey melted cheese on top.

It's not hard to find big food in Houston, but these massive burgers with delicious toppings are definitely hard to top.

Fusion Grill

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Burgers and tacos

Address: 1453 S. Mason Rd., Katy, Texas

Why You Need To Go: Chowing down on a burger — with fries already inside it — that's too big to fit in your hands sounds like a literal dream.

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