It's obvious — we're suckers for a creative, tasty treat. But in a city packed full of loaded churro shops and sweet taiyakis, our sweet tooths are pretty refined and picky. So lucky for us, Sweet Flamingo just popped up in Katy to challenge our idea of what exactly an "over-the-top" dessert really is.

Sweet Flamingo had their official grand opening on Aug. 23, and just days after, they had to temporarily shut their doors due to "excessive sell-out." But no worries, they're back up and operating and you can visit this new extreme sweet shop any day of the week except Monday. 

So, about those extreme treats. You can get everything from cupcakes loaded with candy to towering milkshakes bigger than your head. One of their biggest creations is the "Megatron" which is 158 ounces of pure sugary drink potion. But that's not even the kicker.

They drop some golden nuggets too. Like, literal golden nuggets (but they obviously have the wisdom too). Their nuggets are coated in 24 karat gold — which, sounds insanely tempting, but I'm not gonna pretend like it's a good idea to purchase. If you're just really boujee like that, you can get six chicken wings for $12.50.

And among their many milkshake options, you can get an M&M pretzel shake, cheeseburger shake (featuring and entire cheeseburger), cotton candy shake (which is more cotton candy than shake, in the best way), or the amazing Rainbow Unicorn Cake Shake. The best part — you can get most 24oz shakes for just $9.

And, of course, you can't stop by without tasting the Snake Venom Rosè creation or Stormy with a Chance of Raspberry drink that are pure art forms all on their own.


Because if there was ever a reason to take a cheat day, it's to try this crazy new hot spot. And if you need more reasons, Katy has endless other guilty pleasures — from crepes to ice cream and taiyaki.

Sweet Flamingo

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy, TX 77494

Why you need to go: This new dessert and candy bar has crazy creations that will give you the sugar rush you're craving.



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