High-class dining in Texas just entered the next level. Like, the 43rd level. On June 24th, Strato 550 in Houston officially opened their doors and have already set the bar really high.

Whether you're searching for an impressive meeting spot or just a rooftop view—Strato 550 will do the trick.

550 feet above the ground, they serve up a classy lunch with a menu featuring Mediterranean foods and lots of wines and cocktails. While they close at 3 pm, their lounge reopens for evenings, because they get it—some days you need to sip on a cocktail in a highrise after work rather than sit in the 610 traffic.

Executive Chef Evan Parker serves fine foods like chicken and lamb sandwiches, fancy fish dishes, and pasta. And of course plenty of finger-food options for those coming just to enjoy a cocktail hour with friends.

There is no outdoor seating here, but you're welcome to roam the large balcony and take as many pictures as your wine-drunk self can.

There are also six meeting rooms you can rent out that hold up to 24 guests and that have AV equipment to foster some intense brainstorming sessions.

If you love their food, you can even get it catered (to a different high-rise maybe?!). 

You can make your reservation here.

And if you're still searching for more incredible views of the city—we get it, getting this high in the city is addictive—check out Spindletop for some rotating views of the skyline.

Strato 550 is our chance to dine like a Blair Waldorf, except better, because we get a view of the stunning Houston skyline instead. New York is so overdone.

Strato 550

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Address: 43rd Floor, 1415 Louisiana Street, Houston, TX 77002

Why you should go: We're always in search of a bite with a stunning view of our favorite city—and Strato 550 does it right.


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