Canada is easily one of the most friendly places in the world; the people, the food, and everything else about our neighbors to the North provide a welcoming experience. The nation's most popular sport of hockey, however, has a bit of a rough atmosphere. That's why we are so excited to learn about Houston's Maple Leaf Pub that blends the comfort of Canada with the excitement of watching your favorite hockey team. Plus, the poutine ain't bad either!

This is a super laid back bar that literally always has hockey going on their assortment of high-definition televisions. Houstonian hockey fans come from far and wide to lounge, socialize and root for their favorite team. Even though the hockey season doesn't start properly until October 2nd, don't let that stop you from enjoying a big heaping plate of poutine. 

If you aren't familiar with poutine, it's simple, but there are so many renditions of the dish that make it unique. Consisting of french fries, cheese curds, and a form of brown gravy, this is a hearty snack that you may want to share with a friend or tackle by yourself. You may want to go for a classic take on poutine, or a much more intense roast beef poutine, either way, this dish is a bucket list item for any foodie. 

If you don't have the craving for fries and gravy you can grab a burger at Maple Leaf Pub, or drop by for steak night. 

This pub is a rare gem in Houston for hockey fans that provides a chill vibe for seasoned fans, or newbies alike. Fans of all teams are welcome and if you are feeling up to it you can sing karaoke as an ice breaker. 

Follow their Instagram page here to keep updated on everything they have going on during hockey season, which of course is their busiest time. 

This pub was founded as a way to bring people together in all forms, whether you are just looking for a crisp beer and a taste of Canada, or are searching to release some energy cheering for your favorite team. 

The MAPLE Leaf Pub 


Address: 514 Elgin St.Houston, TX 77006

Why you need to go: Travel to a different country without ever leaving Texas, plus the food is top-notch.


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