We're totally craving a cocktail that's the embodiment of all things fall. It has to give us that warm cozy feeling. One of the best Las Vegas drinks lets you sip out of an actual ice sculpture. 

Favorite Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a French-inspired restaurant with a spin on American cuisine. The menu has a variety of French and American classics that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. You can order options like avocado toast, a cheese plate, alfredo, and more. 

The selection of homemade desserts is ever-changing and is a perfect treat before or after your meal. What we're really looking forward to is their ice sculpture drink.

The Crystal Cranberry cocktail is one of the bistro's signature drinks. We surely know why! It's made with raspberry vodka, grapefruit cream, and cranberry juice. That's not even the best part. It's served in an ice sculpture made in house. It'll cost you $15 each. 

These boozy cocktails are so pretty. They're served in a martini glass with ice so that your sculpture doesn't melt. And to make it even better, they're also topped off with a pretty flower.

The light under the ice gives the cocktails that beautiful blue glow. It looks like an actual crystal ball. These are the only sculptures you can get. 

For dessert, you can order the Crystal Ball. It's an $11 dessert filled with passion fruit, coconut, and strawberry sorbet, fruit salad, topped with an exotic mint sauce. 

It tastes as good as it looks and to make it better it's served in a larger ice sculpture. All we know is that you can sip the ultimate boozy drink right out of an ice sculpture. When you're done sipping on boozy drinks, you can try 7 totally crazy Las Vegas foods. 

Favorite Bistro

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: French/American fare

Location: 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Why you should go: You and your friends can get boozy drinks in an actual ice sculpture. They even have a dessert served in one too. 


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