You've heard the motto "big things come in small packages," and that couldn't be more true when it comes to this tasty treat. Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas lets you sip tequila with a scorpion garnish. You can shoot it, chew it, or pass it off to a friend if creepy crawlies aren't your style.

Las Vegas's Nacho Daddy restaurant might be known for — you guessed it — their nachos, but their drinks will keep you coming back.

If you want to up your drinking game, this spot has the perfect "treat" to gain you some epic bragging rights.

Their "World Famous Scorpion Shot" comes served up with Cenote Reposado, salt, lime, and of course, your very own scorpion.

Sitting atop your lime wedge, it almost looks like it wandered on there by mistake and might sting you at any time.

But rest assured, these babies are entirely edible. You can either slam it in one with your tequila or chew it for added effect.

Narcity heard they don't taste that bad once you get past the whole "multiple legs and stinger" part.

This boozy libation will cost you $20, and if you're feeling brave, you can order a second round.

As a bonus, you get to keep the shot glass when you've finished!

After, you might want to chase it down with a spicy margarita or a Mexican mule.

Once you're right and tipsy, their nacho menu will leave you reeling with hunger.

Or that might be the alcohol and the actual scorpion you downed.

Their options are worth trying, with combos like filet mignon nachos or crab and lobster.

You can score a plate of chips piled high with tasty delights starting at $13.95.

Just make sure to save room for that famous shooter, if you dare.

Nacho Daddy

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Multiple Locations

Why You Need To Go: You can test your bravery by ordering a shot of tequila topped with its very own tiny scorpion.


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