New Orleans is super well known for the crazy Mardi Gras party scene. Most people come to town looking for hand grenades on Bourbon Street, Hurricanes at Pat O's and drive-thru daiquiri shops. What might surprise many are the tons of unique bars totally hidden from tourists. If you're looking for bars in New Orleans, this list will definitely be a handy tool to keep when you're looking for a unique drinking night with the girls. 

1. Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge

Price: πŸ’Έ

Address: 7612 Oak St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: If you end up at "Snakes" chances are you got really great advice from a local, because you won't find this spot on your typical "Best Bars in New Orleans" list. The only sign that Snake's actually exists is a fake light up wreath and a regal bar mural on the side of what looks like a shack.


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