You either love Bloody Marys, or you absolutely hate them, there really isn’t any in-between. They make perfect brunch cocktails and there’s just something aesthetically pleasing about them when people post theirs on Instagram. Sometimes, restaurants make their bloodies into full meals with crab legs, shrimp and even burgers on top sometimes. This Louisiana restaurant near New Orleans has insane Bloody Marys that come with a full, fried crab on top.

Stingray’s Grill & Bar is located in Kenner, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. It's a hidden gem, so you might pass this spot without even knowing it is there, but those are the best kind of restaurants. They specialize in home-cooked Cajun dishes and their seafood is absolutely to die for.

The atmosphere of this joint is another reason to visit because you will instantly feel at home and get Southern hospitality right when you walk in the door. The one thing you must order when you visit is the Crabby Mary. Trust us, you won’t regret it.  

Yes, their Cajun seafood, lobster and pasta dishes are a popular commodity here, but nothing really beats the Crabby Mary.

This Bloody Mary cocktail is a meal and a drink all in one. The mix they use to make this cocktail is made completely in-house, so you know you won’t be getting that premade stuff from the grocery store.

Since this place is a Cajun joint, you best bet that your bloody will have a little bit of a kick and you’ll never drink another the same again. The drink is topped with - wait for it - a fried soft-shell crab, fried shrimp, hushpuppies and “all the fixins.”

Contrary to what you are probably thinking, the crab on top is actually pretty cute. It has pickled green beans for its antennae and it also has large green olives for its eyes. To top it all off, you get a little umbrella which is what every cocktail should have.

You can always count on Louisiana to have the biggest and best drinks in the South. You can also expect to have the best Cajun and spicy flavors on everything you order. To really get emersed in Lousiana's flavors, you need to attend this free food festival this month. 


Stingray's Grill & Bar 

Price: $20 for the Crabby Mary 

Address: 1303 W. Esplanade Avenue, Kenner LA 70065

Why You Need To Go: Not only will you get great Cajun seafood here, but you will also get one of the best Bloody Marys you will ever taste. 

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