If you’ve already eaten your way through your quarantine snack stash and have been trying to stave off the cravings for something sweet, you’re probably not the only one. While misery does love company, you can skip the guilt trip and head straight to the Florida bakery, Sprinkles, which announced on their social media page that they're reopening at their Disney Springs location today. And yes, that means the cupcake ATM is back too!

The Disney Springs confectionary announced on their Instagram page that they would reopen today, Friday, May 29, with a limited menu.

They will now be open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. At this time, they aren’t taking walk-ins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your sugar fill.

You can preorder online, through their app, or by calling in, picking from pre-set boxes of their most popular flavors containing 4 cupcakes each. The boxes include a best-seller assortment, red velvet, sprinkles, gluten-free, and a limited edition mix.

Perhaps most exciting is the return of the cupcake ATM. The machine is restocked throughout the day with a variety of cookies and cupcakes to choose from, perfect for sugar-lovers on the go.

Even better, the cupcake ATM is open 24/7 for those of you with late-night cravings.

The pre-set boxes range in price from $20 to $23. There are also seasonal boxes only available for a week each that will be released throughout the month of June.


If you’ve been a loyal Sprinkles fan all this time, they’re also extending birthday perks to 60 days and free Item perks to 90 days.

If you needed an excuse to get your sugar-fix, Sprinkle's reopening might just be the one you were looking for.

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