Orlando loves its craft food and drinks. From beer, wine, tacos, and sushi, you just about find it all here. And for those of you with a sweet tooth (or two, or three) Orlandough has you covered with some of the most aesthetically pleasing donuts you will ever see.

For this Halloween season, you can be sure to find some of the sweetest and spookiest treats at their candy-themed pop-up event on Sunday, October 13th at The Heavy.

Orlandough is a small-batch bakery, bringing the community donuts, cakes, and macaroons all made by hand. Currently, they consider themselves a “cottage production,” meaning most of their work comes from private orders and pop-ups.

To give you an idea of how successful they’ve become, however, they’ve actually had to put their private orders on hold for a bit because of a huge demand in larger events, pop-ups, and wholesale. They are now fully booked for September and October, so yeah, you definitely won’t want to miss this event.

The specific menu for the event will be released when it gets closer, but they are currently polling fans on their Instagram account to vote for their favorite Halloween candy. They will then craft custom donuts based on the winners.

Along with some of the most beautifully decorated donuts you’ll ever see, they also create some adorable themed donuts, from Star Wars, to Toy Story, to Aladdin. They also offer vegan donuts, so invite anyone and everyone!

The event is scheduled to run from 11AM to 2PM, but when they run out, they are out, so you'll definitely want to get there early.

Orlandough Halloween Pop-Up

Price: To be announced


Address:1152 Harmon Avenue Winter Park, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To grace all five senses with the wonders that are Orlandough donuts.

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