Florida is full of shops serving up treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The City Beautiful is no exception, with numerous outlets that bring a new level to the dessert world. One Orlando cafe, The Ganachery, serves up massively decadent and mouthwatering s'mores that are perfect for the autumn season.

The candy shop is found at Dinsey Springs and is a dessert lover's paradise, offering up a bounty of specialty chocolates that totally makes it live up to its tagline of curing the common chocolate.

One of The Ganachery's more popular items is the Mickey S'mores, gooey and decadent treats that come topped with a powdered sugar silhouette of Mickey Mouse on the top graham cracker.

The chocolate between the graham crackers is melted by a small torch, which allows the chocolate to soften and create a cover around the marshmallow.

For good measure, chocolate is also drizzled on the top cracker, giving the s' mores a decadent look and taste.

The s'mores are then put together, and to top it off, powdered sugar is sprinkled on top of the cracker using a cookie-cutter shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse to give it a proper Disney send-off.

The Mickey S'mores isn't the only Mickey treat you can get at this shop. 

The shop is known for its Ganache Squares, and there's even a square that comes with a color portrait of Mickey Mouse on top.

These decadent s'mores will totally get you in the cozy fall mood, so head out to The Ganachery at Disney Springs!

The Ganachery

Price: 💸💸

Address: Disney Springs, 1486 E. Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 

Why You Need To Go: These decadent Mickey Mouse s'mores are the perfect fall treat.

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