Hot dogs can make great comfort foods, especially when you're low on funds. They may not be super nutritious, but they're easy to make and easy on your wallet. At this unique Orlando restaurant, Cholo Dogs, they keep the prices cheap while still serving up creative hot dogs.

Taking a look at their menu, you might think that these dogs (called "weens") would cost anywhere north of $10. However, you'd be shocked to find that most of the dogs on the menu will cost just $6.

All of the dogs here are made from Nathan's All Beef hot dogs and the restaurant has come up with all sorts of creative concoctions for the dogs.

One of their higher-end dogs ($6.50) is the El Borracho, which is topped with Mexican street corn, cotija cheese, cilantro, & tajin.

Cholo Dogs has even created a hot dog unique only to Florida, the Floradita, which is topped with red onions, cilantro, dehydrated oranges & mangos, crema (Mexican sour cream) and tajin. This will run you just $6.

If you're not into tropical fruits, Cholo Dogs has other hot dogs that are just as creative and within this price range.

The Cadilac contains Fritos, bacon, queso Blanco, & tajin, while the Lola keeps it simple with cucumber slices, crema, cilantro, and tajin.

One recurring topping that you may have noticed in their hot dogs is tajin seasoning, which is a Mexican seasoning made up of dried ground chili peppers, sea salt, and lime juice.

Think of it as seasoning salt but with a lot more kick. Tajin is the prime topping that makes Cholo's dogs special and brings all of the unique flavors of the weens together.

Cholo Dogs started out as a hot dog cart, slingin' the weens to hungry downtown clubbers. Now, the dogs have found a brand new home within an emerging area of Orlando called SoDo (South of Downtown).

Although Cholo Dogs have brand new, colorful digs, they've still managed to keep to the roots that got them there, keeping those weens slingin' for a low price.

Cholo Dogs

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Hot dogs

Address: 150 S Magnolia Ave., Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Get your fill of creative and delicious hot dogs for cheap at this Orlando hot dog joint.

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