San Antonio is home to many beloved bakeries. Each one brings something new and unique to the table and leaves us planning our next trip back. There's one bakery in San Antonio that recently received significant recognition, La Panaderia, a bakery known for their mouthwatering pan dulce. They were chosen by USA Today’s 10 Best as one of the best artisanal bakeries in North America. In celebration, the owners are putting a Golden Croissant on their menu in the coming weeks! Start planning your next trip to San Antonio, because you don't want to miss out on being the first to try something as delicious as this.

La Panaderia has two locations in San Antonio, one on E. Houston St. and the other on Broadway St. Both locations will have the Golden Croissant on their menus by next month, which will pair nicely for the fall with just about any warm drink they sell. The pastry will be a twice-baked croissant with dark chocolate ganache on the inside. What makes it "golden" is the glaze of chocolate and a luminous golden sheen added on top. The owners are celebrating their milestone by giving back, and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

The bakery is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. Their hours vary depending on which location and day of the week you're visiting, but no matter what you'll be able to snag a golden croissant once it's finally released. Not only is the soon-to-be newest addition to their menu delicious, but it's also incredibly affordable. The croissant is going to be just $5 and is a surprising size for a pastry. The more bites we can take into it, the better. 

We can't wait to try the Golden Croissant, La Panaderia never disappoints and this highly anticipated new menu item will be just one more reason to visit as much as possible. The likelihood of being in SA in the coming months is higher than ever, with all of the exciting things taking place. For now, we'll be counting down the days until the Golden Croissant is finally on their menu.

La Panaderia

Price: $5

Cuisine: Artisanal 

Address: 301 E Houston St San Antonio, TX 78205 

Why You Need To Go: This bakery is celebrating an incredible accomplishment by giving back to the city that welcomed them into their arms long ago. The Golden Croissant is the perfect addition to their already incredible menu!

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