We can all agree that nobody likes to peel onions, but when we talk about some delicious and crispy onion rings, well, that may be worth a tear or two. For all the onion lovers out there, we have the best news. Texas Onion Fest will come back in the Spring of 2020 to Texas, and we are crying with joy.

The Texas Onion Fest is a 30-year-old celebration of sweet onions held annually in Weslaco. Every year the festival focuses on cooking up tons of food, of course.

Still, they also provide live entertainment on two stages, fun contests, cooking demonstrations, fair rides for all ages, dancing horse performances, a market, and a car show.

In 2020, the festival will be happening on March 28 in Mayor Pablo Pena City Park.

Onions are not only a superfood capable of reducing heart disease, heart clots, and some types of cancer; they are also the source of some genuinely yummy culinary creations. One of the most popular ones at this fest is always the blooming onion.

There will be many blooming onion vendors at Texas Onion Fest, but each preparation will be different. Some even have a secret recipe batter. Ready to judge which is the best?

Other mouthwatering food will be available, like onion rings, cheesesteak subs, elotes, loaded nachos and fries, turkey legs, and popcorn. They will also be having booze and non-alcoholic beverages for attendees to refresh.  

You are free to sign up for their insane onion eating contest, but you can also be part of the audience.

The festival will have two stages full; the Hermes Music Main Stage will have live entertainment, including several bands (lineup for 2020 is yet to be announced).

On the other hand, there will be performances by the Dancing Horses at the Charro Arena.

You can also attend the cooking demos at the Culinary Center, the Onion Fest pageant that will select the queen of the event for the year, and the vintage car show. 

The festival gates will open on Saturday, March 28, from 9:00 a.m. Parking is free, and the gate entrances are located at Airport Dr. and Dolores Huerta Blvd.

The admission fee is only $6 per adult, and you'll be able to buy food and drink within the fest premises.

Any outside food or beverages will not be permitted at the fest, weapons are entirely forbidden, and you shouldn't bring pets either.

Texas Onion Fest

Price: $6 Adults, $4 Children

When: March 28

Address: Mayor Pablo Peña Park 300 N Airport Dr, Weslaco, Texas

Why You Need To Go: Munch some of your favorite onion culinary creations while you enjoy live entertainment, contests, fair games, and much much more.

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