A new eatery in Savannah called Bowls & Bubbles has hit the downtown area as of last weekend and it's a colorful hot spot for bursting bubble teas and poke bowl lovers.

Located right on Broughton Street, Bowls & Bubbles is in a prime location for tourists exploring the area and locals who want a quick bite to eat.

Thank you Savannah for being patient with us as we opened for the first time on Friday!

Bowls & Bubbles Facebook 

They serve Kung Fu Tea's various milk tea flavors that have tapioca bubbles added in for a pop of flavor and texture.

You can also build your own poke bowl, or if you just can't decide, they have specialty bowls you can choose from like the Tybee Time that features tuna, salmon, and shrimp.

After walking around and enjoying all the fun things to do in downtown Savannah, grabbing a cool milk tea doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Via Bowls & Bubbles Facebook 
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