*This event has been postponed to April & the dates will be announced shortly.

Emerald City is fond of its drinks. The city literally celebrates a "cocktail week" every year. If you've been meaning to try some of these tasty concoctions for yourself, you're in for a tipsy treat. A massive, pop-up cocktail district is opening up in Seattle this weekend, and it's all the shaken and stirred drinks of your dreams under one roof!

This year, the Seattle Cocktail Week began on March 1 and will continue through March 7. The grand finale is the Cocktail District at the waterfront's Bell Harbor International Conference Center.

This will be your weekend location for pop-up cocktail bars, tastings, learning how to mix your own booze, food trucks, and take-home spirits.

With tickets on sale for $45.99 per person, you can pick one of two time slots from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to attend.  

The tickets not only cover your entry but include 12 tasting tokens which can be used for either a spirit tasting or a mini cocktail! 

Once you're in, you and your friends can explore nine fun areas on the carnival floor like an agave area, gin garden, specialty room, tiki village, the landing, whiskey woods, and the vodka village

This year's fete comes with a tax-free, pop-up liquor store with the proceeds going to charity, so you can expect to take home bottles of booze.

Stock up, 'cause it's for a good cause after all. 

The carnival will also have a food truck pier with tasty treats from vendors like Off the Rez, Tabassum, Alexandra's Macarons, and Crave to soak up all the drinks. 

There'll be live music too, so you can expect to groove to artists like Samantha Crain, Sean Neil, Claire Conway, and Jeff Greer while you're partying it up.

The best part? The district will have a "Learning Lab" where you can get expert tips and tricks into everything from scotch and chocolate pairings to how you can be a pro at throwing those house parties. 

With that, let's just say, grab a drink, and meet us on the "spirited" carnival floor. 

Seattle Cocktail Week: Cocktail District

Price: $45.99 per person

When: March 7, 2020

Address: Bell Harbor International Conference Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can explore a whole pop-up district of Seattle's best cocktails.



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