If you're anything like us, you might just about always be craving some chicken tendies and fries. There's something irresistible about those munchable strips of crispy golden fried goodness — a new fast-casual concept coming to St. Pete takes the crave-able treat to the next level; ChicknCone will be the food porn you didn't know your Insta-feed needed.

You'll be able to get poppable chicken bites in waffle cones; we didn't know we wanted to be able to take chicken and waffles on the go before, until now!

They have 6 different sauces for you to choose from; get a more traditional take on chicken and waffles with the sweet cinnamon and maple to more savory and spicy options like the Traditional Bbq, Buffalo Blue Cheese, and 'Peri Peri' — a South African chili sauce.

The chicken and waffles will run you $8, but every good chicken tender needs its perfect pair — the french fry. You can grab a side of cajun fries for only $4 and wash it all down with a $2 soft drink.

We're all concerned about the environment right now, and apparently so is Chick’nCone. The drool-worthy southern comfort food idea all came with the hopes of making a more environmentally conscious eatery. No forks are provided and plans of going straw and plastic-free are in their future, according to their website. We're here for it!

Chick'nCone started as a food truck in 2014, eventually getting their first brick n' mortar in Manhattan in 2016. We Floridians can expect our St. Pete location to open by 2020 according to Creative Loafing.

Oh, cluck yes; we can't wait until they open — we're about due for a cheat day anyway!

An overview of ChicknCone's details and the full menu can be seen below.

If you're looking for more places to indulge your foodie cravings, this St. Pete eatery is sinfully delicious with boozy milkshakes and mac n' cheese topped sandwiches or make it a cheat weekend at a 3-day shrimp & crab festival next year.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Fork free chicken n waffles, cajun fries, and a wide selection of sauces. 

Address: 425 Central Ave Saint Petersburg FL 33701

Hours: To be announced — anticipated opening before 2020.

Why You Need To Go: Cravable chicken served in waffle cones with cajun fries. Tons of delicious sauces to choose from whether you like it mild or spicy. Fork free eating to help reduce carbon footprint supports keeping nature as trash-free as possible.

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