With the Florida summer fast approaching, that wave of heat that we know and love (or hate) is gonna have us looking for ways to cool off. Thankfully, there is a legendary ice cream parlor in St. Pete that serves custom homemade ice cream sandwiches, and they're the most delicious way to keep cool this season.

The most iconic ice cream treat 2nd only to the ice cream cone has got to be the ice cream sandwich. While the original is pretty great and tastes of nostalgia, The Sweet Stack Shack in St. Pete Florida know's what's up when it comes to the ice cream sandwich game.

Now, the fact that their sandwiches are homemade is already amazing, but The Sweet Stack Shack takes it up a notch with letting you custom make your own so you truly cater to your cravings. The cookies and brownies are baked fresh daily.

You first choose your base. You can choose from so many such as a chocolate chip or white chocolate macadamia nut (my fave) cookies, maybe you want an ooey gooey brownie to hold that ice cream in place. If you can't decide, get 1 cookie and one brownie - after all, you are the king of your ice cream at the Sweet Shack.

Next, you pick your cream - and their locally sourced stock is ever-rotating; one time you may keep it simple with vanilla, another time you may go classic with mint chocolate chip. If you're feeling festivous on your birthday maybe you go with birthday cake ice cream. You could have something new every time.

Last but not least, you pick your toppings then heat your ice cream sandwich on the press. Coat your cream in rainbow sprinkles to celebrate pride month, or July is coming up - hook yourself up with some red, white, and blue sprinkles. If you love cereal, maybe you go with Cap'n Crunch bits or Fruity Pebbles. Oreo fanatics can even get their fix. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Each ice cream sandwich made with cookies is $5 - if you go with a brownie, add .50 cents.

If you're not down for an ice cream sandwich, you can also just get cookies and brownies or ice cream separately here. A small cookie costs $1.25, while a small brownie costs $1.75. Ice cream increases in price per scoop, plus .50 per topping add on. 1 scoop is $3.25, while 2 is $4.75.

If you were like me and my siblings and used to scrounge up coins to go buy yourself a chip-which from the gas station back in the day, The Sweet Stack Shack is definitely going to feed your nostalgia. This shack might be the best place ever to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sweet Stack Shack

Address: 2 locations.
1041 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33705

1 Tropicana Drive, St. Pete, FL 33705

Sunday-Thursday 12pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm-11pm

Price: $5/ice cream sandwich +.50 for brownies. 1 scoop of ice cream, $3.25 or 2 scoops for $4.75

Why you need to go: Customize your own personal ice cream sandwiches; the cookies and brownies for them are baked fresh daily, and the ice cream is locally sourced. Rotating stock of flavors keeps things fresh, and their HUGE selection of toppings lets you mix and match to fit your mood. A tasty way to beat the heat this summer.


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