Who doesn't love unicorns, surprises and money? When you can combine all three of them, it's truly a dream come true. This super unique bakery in Atlanta is now selling surprise money cakes filled with actual cash. If you have something to celebrate (let's be real, we can always find something), this is the perfect cake with the perfect surprise. 

Sweethut Bakery & Cafe, which has five locations throughout the state (and one in Texas), is a super unique internationally-inspired bakery with one-of-a-kind treats that stretch far beyond your imagination. It's definitely special because most of their fresh pastries are not found at many other American bakeries.

Particularly special is the recent roll out of the "Surprise Money Cake" at Sweethut. Money cakes are gradually becoming a popular treasure and we can see why. Sweethut makes custom cakes, including magical unicorn cakes, that are filled with cold hard cash.

Of course, you must provide the cash because that would just be way too good to be true. Each bill is placed in a long chain of flimsy plastic casing for protection. The casings are then rolled up and placed in the cake. The "centerpiece" of the cake (the horn if we are talking unicorn cakes) is removed to reveal the long chain of dollar bills.

Depending on how much cash you put in, it's pretty much like those magic tricks with the never-ending handkerchiefs. Get this edible treasure chest soon because it's only for a limited time! They cost $98+ depending on your preferences but you can contact the bakery to discuss pricing.

This cake is perfect for birthdays, weddings, bachelorette trips, graduations, or really any special event coming up for your bestie, your boo, or your family (or drop some *subtle* hints if you want one for yourself).

If there is nothing coming up that calls for this cash-filled treat, you still have to check out the bakery to grab a snack or dessert. They have deliciously bizarre cultural treats like Mexican milk cream buns, curry chicken puffs, and hotdog & cheese pastries. You just have to browse the full menu to see what you're missing.

If you have a sweet tooth that can't be tamed, check out this massive "Chocolate-Covered Weekend" at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or the new Sugar Factory coming to ATL this month with crazy Groupon deals.


Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Price: $98+

Cuisine: International

Address: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Go: To celebrate your special event the right way with this unforgettable custom cakes filled with wads of money.

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