One of the first things you will notice about the city of Savannah is the number of little diners and cafes there are. There is a place for everyone and all of them are just so darn cute. Each Savannah restaurant has something different to offer, but this specific one gives you something special on top of your cocktails. 

Little Duck Diner is in Savannah, Georgia and once you step in,  you will think it is the cutest diner around. It is a very narrow place which gives it a cozy atmosphere, and the decor makes it feel very retro.  

They have a great menu that even has gourmet grilled cheeses and is a perfect spot for weekend brunch. The best part: you can get a little rubber ducky in your cocktail and get to take it home with you. 

Whether you are a breakfast, brunch, or lunch person, this diner has it all. It is a non-traditional place and they are not afraid to play around with their dishes. 

They have the basic breakfast items like eggs and french toast, but you can also order things like a Risotto Stacker which is a pan-seared cheesy risotto, served with sausage and an egg. 

As for lunch, you have the options of burgers, tacos, bowls and grilled cheeses. There are nine different types of gourmet cheeses you can order, like a Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese or a Duck Grilled Cheese. 

As for the drinks, you cannot leave here without one. There is a long list of bubbles, wine, beer and signature cocktails. Any cocktail that you order, there will be a rubber duck that arrives in your drink. It is a cute, personal touch the restaurant adds. 

Whether you are there for the food, drinks or atmosphere, you are sure to not be disappointed in any of those categories. Get a drink and you will leave with a souvenir. 

To keep the party going, you can head around the corner to this shop that has Lucky Charms martinis and then you can stay in one of these haunted hotels in the city after a night of fun. 


Little Duck Diner 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 150 W. Saint Julian St., Savannah, GA 31401

Why You Need To Go: This cozy diner has a retro feel with some really good food. Your cocktails also come with rubber ducks in them. 


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