If there is one thing all Georgian's can agree on, it's our love for sweets and alcohol. They both bring joy and both can be delicious if made right. A genius has come up with a great idea to fuse both together and make a liquor-infused cupcake. What is even better is that it's located inside a vintage comic book store in Savannah, Georgia

Mad Mac's Bakery is located in Savannah and inside Odin & Sons Comics. It is kind of like a bookstore with a coffee shop, but so much cooler. You can grab a sweet treat and read an old comic at the same time. Mad Mac's has muffins, cronuts, macarons and crazy liquor-infused cupcakes you can order. Combining sweets, liquors and comics is one of the coolest ideas that you just have to see in person. 

Finding this place can be a little confusing since it is not a stand-alone shop. Walking into Odin & Sons Comics you will be hit with the smell of old books (one of the best smells ever) and a sweet aroma. 

The owner of both these establishments is Logan McDonald. His great-grandmother is the creator and owner of Mabel’s Cupcake Emporium, AKA one of the best cupcake shops in the South. Baking is pretty much in his blood. He also loves comics and was a collector for a long time, so he merged these two loves of his to make one amazing store. 

With the many different flavors McDonald plays with, he has come up with the perfect liquor pairings for each cupcake. You can eat your favorite sweet treat and get tipsy at the same time. 

The flavors get changed out daily, but some of the cupcakes you will see are Cinnamon with Fireball, Margarita with tequila (otherwise known as ta-kill-ya), Pina Colada with rum, Lemonade with bourbon and Mimosa with vodka. Each cake comes with a syringe stuck in it filled with alcohol, so you can squeeze it in yourself. 

It is pretty awesome that we are able to get tipsy while indulging in a sweet treat while you feel like a kid again in this comic shop. If you are in Atlanta, there is a spot that is similar to this one, but it is in a 90s themed brewery with alcohol gummies


Mad Mac's Bakery 

Price: 💸

Address: 6 E State St. Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: You will feel like a kid again when you walk into this double-store that is a comic book shop and a bakery. The bakery has liquor-infused cupcakes to get you tipsy. 

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