If you live in the South, chances are you're probably obsessed with Chick-fil-A. Name a fast food chain with a better quality of food and level of service - we'll wait. 

Even with your love of the food, you might sometimes yearn for a little something more. Sure, you probably get excited when a new sauce is released, but you're secretly hoping for a completely new menu item. 

Well, all your dreams will come true at Truett's Luau. This is an actual Chick-fil-A in Fayetteville, GA, with a revamped Hawaiian-themed menu. You'll find the staple chicken sandwich on the menu, but you'll also see some more exciting options, like the 'Awapuhi BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Pineapple Chicken Tacos, and Island Chicken Salad Sandwich.

If you're not in the mood for a sandwich, there are entrees that you wouldn't dream of being in a Chick-fil-A. If you happen to be craving Mahi Mahi or Maui Shrimp, Truett's Luau has got you covered. 

The sheer number of options you have for sides, salads, soups, and desserts is something you'll need to experience with your own eyes. For starters, let's just say you have the choice of calamari and loaded fries for an appetizer. 

This menu expands on the options available for guests. Fish, pork, and beef are all used freely across the menu alongside chicken. 

All the decor is Hawaiian-Polynesian themed and adds to the ambiance. If you look to your right you'll see palm trees, if you look to your left you'll see ukuleles and tiki heads. Let your imagination run wild and imagine a beach outside too.

This hidden gem opened up in 2013, and after speaking with the owners, Narcity can confirm that this is the only existing Chick-fil-A like this. There are currently no plans to open up new locations, so you'll have to make the trek to Fayetteville to experience this taste of the islands. 


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