The world's most stunning circus has gained its fame by drawing the crowd into a mystical whirlwind of enchanting acrobatics and illusive wonder. The electric and daring performances that keep you on the edge of your seat will be at your fingertips at the 20th* Annual Cirque Du Soleil 2019 in Atlanta. Dive deep into your creativity and imagination with the whimsical show starting in October.

The captivating Cirque Du Soleil, established in Montreal, Canada in 1984, is a world leader of circus arts and live entertainment that has delighted over 180 million spectators in over 60 countries. This year, the circus, which employs over 1,300 artists, will be back at Atlantic Station next month with new show, VOLTA.

With acts performed by crazy talented aerial artists, dancers and extreme athletes, these stunning, graceful flying gurus will put you in a trance as you watch their risky (yet agile) movements take over the stage under a sultry, bright and colorful blanket of light. 

Become enveloped in the ambience as you discover your inner electricity and emotions, evoked from these impressively interpretive performances with meaning. With insanely inventive props and framework, the creative demonstrations include everything from acrobatics to extreme sports.

Tickets are only $49 and you have from Oct. 11 to Jan. 5 to join in on the whirlwind of magical surprises. 

Discover a slate of stage exhibits like "Shape Diving," in which  artists do jump tricks (moving their bodies in ways you could never imagine) through massive shapes in an urban setting, adding breakdancing and Hip-Hop moves to the mix. The BMX performance will provide you with a continuous loop of jaw-dropping excitement as the acrobats on wheels rev their engines to perform mind-blowing tricks at every turn.

There is much more to see; from rope skipping to a massive acrobat ladder, all performances are guaranteed to keep your attention as you open up your mind to the unimaginable and innovative possibilites of aerial art.

If you're craving more imaginative dreamland experiences, join in on the neon, trippy adventures at the massive EDM fest in Orlando or check out this free "Day of The Dead" parade in Atlanta.


Cirque Du Soleil Volta

Price: $49+

When: Oct. 11-Jan. 5

Address: 241 20th St, Atlanta, GA 30363

Why You Need To Go: Open up a world of creative imagination as you witness the world's most talented artists perform mind-blowing aerial tricks in a magical environment at the world's most renowned circus.

* This article was updated. 

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