Disney fans have been rejoicing because the new original movie Noelle was recently released, and tbh, we loved it. And if you've watched it already then you're probably wondering, "Was Noelle filmed in Phoenix?"

That's not the case. Although there are many references and a few scenes that show specific places in Arizona, the movie was mostly filmed elsewhere. 

That reportedly has to do with the state not offering tax incentives or breaks to movie producers. Many movies that were set in Arizona like Only The Brave and A Star Was Born filmed in our neighboring state, New Mexico.

If you're then wondering where it was filmed, keep reading.  

The following article contains spoilers and references to the movie.

Desert Ridge Marketplace

Actual Location: 915 Ridgewalk Pkwy, Woodstock, Georgia 

Noelle played by Anna Kendrick and Elf Polly (Shirley MacLaine) have taken Santa's reindeer to rescue her brother Nick in Phoenix. They set off on their adventure, where you see the sleigh fly over the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, possibly the top of South Mountain, and the Phoenix Skyline before crash-landing at Desert Ridge Marketplace. 

After a rough landing, Noelle and her companion get taken in by mall security. A manager walks in and says, "I'm the manager of Desert Ridge Marketplace."  

If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the camera pans over storefronts such as Tommy Hilfiger, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Taqueria Tsunami during the rough landing. 

But Phoenicians know that these stores don't exist at the shopping center. There's an easy explanation for this. All of the Desert Ridge scenes were most likely shot at The Outlet Shoppes near Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia.  

You'll see the exact scene 24 minutes and 5 seconds into the film. 

Desert Botanical Gardens

Towards the end of the movie, Anna's character heads to the yoga retreat her brother is hosting.

Immediately, you'll see a large colorful mural that seems familiar and a sign that reads, "Desert Botanical Gardens."  

The infamous mural at the gardens almost had us fooled. If you look closely, the wall in the movie is missing the circular seating and there's a big sign that reads, "Desert Botanical Gardens." 

If you've ever been to the desert oasis, you'll know that there is no such sign.

We're unsure of the exact filming location but it seems that most of the film was produced in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia in Canada. 

This exact moment occurs 55 minutes and 25 seconds into the film. 

According to the City of Phoenix, Noelle is listed as one of the productions that the Phoenix Film Office has worked with. It was also confirmed that the movie's crew was in the state filming exterior shots of the movie. 

Honestly, we're a bit bummed that most of the flick was shot someplace else. But we've still watched the movie one too many times already and still love it. 

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