If you are looking for a unique shopping experience that won't break the bank, there is a place in Miami where you can go thrifting and get cocktails at the same time. Thrift Shop is a speakeasy in Miami that is behind a real thrift store and to get to it you have to go through the fitting rooms. 

Like any good speakeasy, the outside looks deceiving, with a sign reading "Thrift Shop" and nothing more - and the inside is just as devious. If you are looking to purchase a cute recycled outfit, this is the place to go. You will find unique clothing, vintage items, and one-of-a-kind styles that can't be found in Aventura Mall.  

Behind the fitting room curtains, you will find a bar with vintage decor and wall art that reads "Tell Your Boyfriend You Went Thrifting". This is the perfect spot to bring your friends for a secret rendezvous. The staff will make sure you feel right at home while they prepare your favorite cocktail.

Thrift Shop is always hosting events and parties in the patio with local and national DJs. There is also an arcade game in the back and several booths to sit down and enjoy libations. You will feel like you were whisked back to the 1980s.

According to one guest's testimonial, this place is perfect if you want to save some money and keep your budget stable, "An out of the box, laid-back, reasonable venue that is spewing with creativity. Finally, a place you can have fun at, be comfortable and not break the bank (while still being able to wake up the next day) A much-needed change in Miami's oversaturated and overpriced entertainment scene."

Thrift Shop is not your typical thifting scene. Here you can find an outfit and then head straight to the party behind the fitting room curtains. Every night varies and they play everything from hip hop, 90s and 80s music, EDM, and more.

Thrift Shop is located at 28 NE 14th Street Miami, FL 33132. The business hours are Wednesday-Saturday from 9 am to 5 am.

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