People in the Evergreen State love their boats. They don't just party on them but they live aboard and call them home too. So, in true Puget Sound fashion, two Washington sea lions were spotted having a time of their lives on a boat in Olympia. 

A video captioned "Boats and.... #sealions" was captured by Joshua Philips, the president, and owner of Olympia-based Spawn Fly Fish. And this has caught the internet's ever-hungry attention.

We believe this could even be the animal meme we were looking to end this decade with! 

According to The Olympian, Philips and one of his friends were on a boat near The Evergreen State College on Tuesday when they passed another boat moored in the water.

The duo did a double-take when they realized that there were two mammoth sea lions on it, enjoying the overcast weather. 

In the video, one of the massive creatures appears to acknowledge the person recording this spectacle. Its buddy turns around to see what's going on as well! 

Another video posted by a YouTuber shows a third lion swimming near the boat, wanting to get on it, but soon realizing that the real estate on the boat has already been claimed. 

Reddit had a field day with this fun recording.

"Jesus Christ, can my wife and I have one little outing without being ridiculed on Reddit?" wrote one Redditor, speaking for the sea lion and bagging some serious points for it. 

"Jack and rose look a little different from what I remember. Maybe it’s just me :/," another joked, making a reference to Titanic.

While others wondered if the boat was too small or "for ants," or the creatures were too ginormous, we got some tidbits about the species too.

"Those are Steller's sea lion bulls. They're not the 'normal' California sea lions, they're significantly bigger. Male Steller's can get up to 11ft (3.25m) long and weigh up to 2500lbs (1120kg). Male California sea lions can get 8ft (2.4m) long and weigh 660lb (300kg)," another Redditor clarified.

We don't know about you, but this has got us missing summer and bathing suit season again!

If you'd like to take a trip with your besties to some of Washington's waterfronts too, we have some ideas. How about a massive waterfall that'll make you feel like you're in Grand Canyon? Or a lighthouse on the beach you can rent? 

Either way, these sea animals just gave us major inspo, and we're out of here to seek some waves for ourselves. 

Editor's Note: Cover photo images are for illustrative purposes only.

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