If you've been outside at all this past month, you'll know that everyone's raving about two things - Penn Badgley's addictive serial killer show "You" and the contestants most likely to win on ABC's "The Bachelor." To feed into your frenzy, we've scoped out some pretty interesting facts you probably didn't know about television's big leading man. Psst. If he looks familiar, think back to the infamous Hannah Brown bachelorette season. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and get ready for the 411. Here are the Peter Weber facts we're all (not so) secretly craving. The thirst is real.

Here's The Basics 

No, 'Pilot Pete' isn't just some kinky nickname. The 28-year-old star is actually a real-life pilot. So, if you have the travel bug right now, you probably don't want to know that whoever wins the show and marries him gets free flights - for LIFE. Whoops. 

He's a SoCal local and according to his official ABC bio, loves "snowboarding, watching football, and line dancing.” When he isn't working or hitting the slopes, he's learning how to whip up mean Cuban meals in the kitchen. Ooh. What a dish. *winks*

He Still Lives with His Parents

Here's a throwback photo. But the sad truth is that Pilot Pete still lives with his folks. Yikes! This probably isn't the first thing you wanted to think about while drooling over your dream guy. But maybe we should cut him a little slack.

Peter claims he lives with them in their Westlake Village, California home due to his hectic work schedule with Delta Airlines. Hmm. *raises eyebrows skeptically*

He Comes from a Family of Pilots and Has a Hot Younger Brother

According to Cosmopolitan, Weber's parents met when his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant on the same flight 30 years ago.

He also has a younger brother named Jack, who has accumulated quite the thirsty Instagram following. 36.5k and counting, ladies...

He Invited His Ex Hannah Brown Back After Being Epically Dumped

While everyone's busy speculating who's going to win this season of The Bachelor, we can't help but notice he invited Hannah Brown back - and she dumped him after they had hooked up in a windmill fantasy suite four times! Do the other girls even stand a chance?

Peter's Mom Is A Former Chicago Pageant Queen

What can we say? Good lucks runs in the family. Back in the day, Barbara was a dreamy 1970s pageant queen. In an Instagram post, Pete gushed about his mom, listing her full (and very long) name. 

"I love you Barbara Innocente de Jesus Figarola Enfante Borrego Rodriguez Weber @sweetnums #yesthatsherfullname #mothersday"

His Ex-Girlfriend Calee Lutes Claims He Dumped Her Over FaceTime

Entertainment Tonight reported that Peter's ex, model Calee Lutes says he dumped her over FaceTime and removed all signs of her on his social media pages. Lutes says this happened completely out of the blue and they were even talking about moving in together. The next thing you know, he was cast as part of The Bachelorette (aka Hannah Brown's season).

How much of this is true and how much are just rumors? Well, that's for you to decide. For now, we're loading up on snack foods and voting on who's gonna win this season. Good luck, girls!

There are stories everywhere! If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityUSA on Facebook and Instagram.

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