The show Love is Blind has swept the nation since it premiered in February. It's easy to say that millennials instantly became obsessed with the concept of it all. Love is Blind's Cameron and Lauren appeared on Miley Cyrus' new Instagram live series to discuss a few juicy topics. 

Miley's new Instagram live show, Bright Minded, invites fans, and other celebs (including Amy Schumer) to talk openly and positively on a plethora of topics.

Earlier today, the 27-year-old singer spoke to reality stars Cameron and Lauren about the hit show Love is Blind, positivity, and family.

As soon as the Atlanta lovebirds appeared, there was so much love between them and Miley, which made for great, heartfelt viewing. 

Cameron mentioned the couple already being married for a year, which shocked Miley and viewers in the comments. 

Before Miley even got into the details of the Netflix hit or their social distancing pastimes, Miley pointed out their trending TikToks, because they are so too cute and relationship goals. 

The couple also mentioned that they have some projects in the works, but didn't give us any hints to what those are (so fans can keep their eyes peeled for the content). 

Miley also asked questions about love, how the two survived in the pods during the show, and how their relationship is going now out in the real world. 

Cameron and Lauren explained that they stayed true to themselves and "didn't let trolls behind a keyboard ruin what they felt for each other." 

Miley mentioned that she and Lauren are both content creators, and asked how she deals with the social media aspect of fans, as well as for tips to be a better creator.

Lauren stated, "Push more of being yourself, everyone loves you for who you are."


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