As Austinites, we've all heard the name Brittany Broski at least once. Even if you're not from Austin, as long as you're an avid TikToker this should apply to you as well. If there's one important thing to know about Broski, it's that her love for Post Malone is seriously real, and now that he's given the TikTok star a follow on the app, fans want Kombucha Girl and Post Malone to get married ASAP. 

As of early yesterday, Broski noticed she had one more follower on the app she basically rules, but this follower wasn't just anyone.

It was Post Malone!

If you've kept up with Broski in the past, you know that all she really wants in this life is Posty's attention, and this isn't the first time she's had a taste.

Since her fame began, Broski has been invited to numerous awards shows, some of which she's been able to spot Post Malone at.

We'd argue getting a follow from him is even better than catching a glimpse of him walking by her, and we think she feels the same.

In a Tweet, Broski exclaimed that Posty gave her a follow on TikTok, and for her fans to quickly give her suggestions as to what to do.

"This is not a drill people," Broski put in all caps, grabbing Twitter's attention immediately.

Random Twitter accounts aren't the only ones who spotted Broski's cry for help.

The official TikTok Twitter account took it upon themselves to make an actual wedding invitation for Broski and Post Malone, in hopes that the pair really do get together! 

The wedding's location is listed as "Cowboys' Stadium," which is fitting seeing as both stars are from the great state of Texas.

Not only do fans stan the pair, but the app that started Broski's rise to fame does too!

It's nice to see legends supporting legends, and in this case, there's quite a few.

We're sure Broski is feeling some major pressure to put out the best content of her life, and we don't blame her. Lucky for us, that means more hilarious TikToks.

When Post Malone is involved, we're all winning.

Cheers to the happy (pretend) couple!

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