After a little teaser was posted on Instagram, it appears two of Miami's biggest names may just be teaming up; and it's a collab we cannot wait to know more about. Rick Ross and Dwyane Wade made an appearance on GQ to "talk hoops, hip-hop, retirement, and potential football-related business," as Ross put it.

Judging by the short clip posted on Instagram by Ross yesterday, a viewer may think the two were meeting for the first time. "If you had D Wade or LeBron, who would you choose?" Ross mentioned he was asked this in the video — to which he responded, "it was never a question at all, I'm going with D Wade."

Check out the short clip below:

While the video may have made it seem like a friendly first encounter, Wade and Ross are actually old pals — after all, Miami is a small place right?

Recently Wade promised that Ross's new album would be absolute fire, and the duo was even seen partying together in 2018 — as mentioned in this article

To our dismay, the Instaclip is a bit of a tease. While Ross mentions that the duo discusses a possible partnership upcoming, there wasn't much mentioned in the short video. 

Thankfully that's not the end, you can watch the entire 51-minute episode here for free on GQ's Youtube, or by scrolling down.

Nothing is set in stone of course, but we like to believe that this all seems very promising for the future of Miami, sports, and of course, two of our favorite celebs. 

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