Here is your daily dose of morning news that will make you scratch your head: Donald Trump is making "Frorida" trend on Twitter. In a tweet made a little after 8 a.m. this morning thanking the "massive crowds" that showed up to his Florida visit, President Trump misspelled the state's name. Oops.

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"My visits last week to Texas and Frorida had massive numbers of cheering people gathered along the roads and highways, thousands and thousands, even bigger (by far) than the crowds of 2016," a portion of the tweet read. 

The Frorida hashtag already has over 20 thousand tweets in under 2 hours, most of which are users poking fun at the mistake. 

"Where is "Frorida?," wrote one user on Twitter. "Never heard of it."

"My phone automatically corrects 'Frorida' to Florida Pretty sure *every* phone automatically corrects 'Frorida' to Florida Are you telling me the President of the United States has a phone without autocorrect or can't find where to turn it on or has no intern to do it for him?" author Seth Abramson wrote

Trump also visited Texas. However, he did not misspell the Lone Star State's name.

This is far from being his only Twitter misspelling. Last year, CNN ran a story on the many times Trump has had a spelling snafu on his social media.

The news site rang up 188 misspellings the president had, ranging from "covfefe" to "infair."

Also, this is not POTUS's first Florida hashtag trend set. Earlier last month #TrumpKillsFlorida was a trending tag. Though, it did not stem from a misspelling.

As of 11 a.m., Trump has yet to update his tweet as it continues to be retweeted, commented on and liked tens of thousands of times. 

*This article has been updated.

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