What does a cat killer and a missing cat owner have in common? Well, nothing yet. But if the internet gets its way, some of the cast from Netflix's Don't F**k With Cats will be put to work solving the disappearance of Carole Baskin's ex-husband, Don Lewis. But it doesn't look like Baudi Moovan will be playing a part. 

A Facebook user asked Deanna Thompson, better known by her internet alias, Baudi Moovan, if she plans on working her "magic" on the Tiger King case, to which Moovan replied, "not at the moment," it's not her "area of expertise."

Don't F**k With Cats premiered on December 18, 2019, featuring interviews with a select few social media users, including Moovan, who helped hunt down the elusive Canadian killer, Luka Magnotta

Lewis's suspicious disappearance was recently explored in the streaming platform's newest top docuseries, Tiger King.

Lewis was co-owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, before he went missing on August 18, 1997. The case has since run cold — giving the internet a chance to come up with new investigation alternatives. 

Both of the titles have captivated audiences around the nation, and now the internet is begging for a mash-up.

If you are wondering what the possibility of this happening is, we reached out to Netflix for a comment and have yet to hear back.

Moovan has joined one of the leading Tiger King meme pages on Facebook, and she has replied to several comments from users regarding her feelings on the possibility of solving this case. 

While this doesn't mean a mash-up docuseries is completely out of the realm of possibilities, this may come as unfortunate news to anyone who was rooting for Thompson to join the recently re-opened cold case investigation.

But then again, that sounds exactly like what someone who is secretly working on a case would say... 

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