Even after having debuted just last week, Netflix’s new series Tiger King has captivated audiences worldwide with its real-life drama. The docuseries features many big cat rescues and zoos across the U.S. and the dynamic characters who operate them. The current owner of the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, Jeff Lowe, seems to be enjoying his newfound fame; despite his personal number being leaked on the internet, he's actually been replying. 

In a Facebook group titled "Tiger King Memes," Lowe's number was revealed, and curious fans have been texting him and have been receiving responses with video verification that it is indeed Lowe. Narcity reached out to Jeff and received a similar response.

When asked for any comments about Carole, the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Jeff replied, “she did it” — referring to her playing a part in the disappearance of her ex-husband, which was discussed in episode 3 of the series. He also added a video verifying his identity as he stood in the zoo gift shop.

"Hey Kira, this if Jeff. Why would anyone pretend to be me that wasn't me?" he responded in the video to our question asking if it was really his number. 

Carole Baskin’s husband, Jon “Donald” Lewis, hasn’t been heard from since his disappearance in 1997. Riding on the tails of the series’ popularity, the sheriff of Hillsborough County, Chad Chronister, has seized the opportunity to urge the public to share any new leads or information on Lewis’ whereabouts.

In the wake of the series hitting top trending status on Netflix, Carole Baskin has released a lengthy statement expressing her disappointment with the documentary and its makers, who, she says, were only trying to make it as sensational as they could, and had no interest in the truth.

The sanctuary currently houses over 80 exotic cats, which you can find on social media and even watch on webcams.

In the midst of the series' booming popularity and the videos of Jeff claiming Baskin’s guilt, Carole’s current husband, Howard Baskin, has released his own video supporting his wife. He declares the directors of the film to be "con-artists" and cites their incentive as only wanting money from Netflix.

While the truth may still be a mystery, the drama the series provides continues to be a source of entertainment for those at home binging Netflix.

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