Oh the joys of singledom. No one to report back to on your each and every move, no strings holding you back from doing whatever the hell it is you want to do, and no predetermined person to end up in bed with. Yeah, being single has got its perks.

The world is your oyster, and Boston is flooded with opportunities for you to find your perfect pearl (even if you only want to keep it for one night and toss it out the next morning). However there are a few bars in particular that are known for their "singles" crowd - places where you'll find a much greater proportion of people willing to, well, mingle. Here are 13 of them.

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Legal Harborside // 270 Northern Avenue

You'll find a very "after-work" type crowd here. You know, young professionals, looking suave in their button ups and pencil skirts. Positive: You know the person you're talking to probably have a decent job.

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Liberty Hotel // 215 Charles St

If there's one spot in Boston to put a little extra effort into getting dolled up - the Liberty Hotel is it. Ladies, this place is a goldmine for guys willing to buy you a drink. Only downside - the majority of them are pretty creepy.

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Barcelona // 525 Tremont St

A pretty decent selection of trendy, young professionals. AND...wait for it...not too many douchebags. *Gasp*

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The Beehive // 541 Tremont St

Live jazzy music, dark lighting, with a kind of old school New Orleans feel - The Beehive is a good spot to chat up the South End hipster next to you.

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Coppersmith // 40 W 3rd St

If you live in a Southie and are looking for a chill bar minus the frat boys. Don't get me wrong, there is still a bro-y feel, just not as bad as say, Stats.

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Lincoln Tavern // 425 W Broadway

Or if you live in Southie and can't get enough of your typical Southie bro - Lincoln is where you want to be. Again, not as bad as Stats, but still packed to the brim with guys in their 20s ready to partyyyy.

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Beacon Hill Pub // 149 Charles St

It's a super divey pub, with bar games - AKA awesome. Plus side: casual atmosphere with a non d-bag vibe. Downside: wicked cheap drinks attract a lot of young, college folk.

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Lucky's Lounge // 355 Congress St

For whatever reason, the girl/guy ratio at this bar always leans heavily on the latter. So single gals, strap on those dancing shoes and get ready to take your pick.

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Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar // 271 Dartmouth St

Strong drinks, minimal lighting, lots of ladies.

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Boston Sail Loft // 80 Atlantic Ave

Also referred to as the "tail loft" or the "male loft" - I'll let you know draw your conclusions from there.

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Clerys // 113 Dartmouth St

Clerys is consistent in the fact that you can always count on there being a boatload of single guys on the prowl. DRUNK, single guys. If that's what you're into - jackpot.

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The Lawn on D // 420 D St

Okay, so not technically a bar - but they serve beer so I'm counting it. You'll have to wait for the summer to scope this park out, but it's worth the wait. Lawn games, booze, and music = a mecca for single people looking for a good time.

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Coogan's // 171 Milk St

I can almost promise you you won't find prince (or princess) charming here, but if your down for a night of bumping shoulders with horny youngins downing $1 beer - you do you.

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