The T. Where would we be without you? Probably wherever we needed to be, and on time for that matter. Oh yes, the MBTA is the bane of every Bostonian's existence. The never reliable, always packed, rarely working transit system is what gets us around this glorious city, and for that, we are truly thankful.

However, our love/hate relationship with the T runs deep and emotions run strong. Just run a quick #mbta search on social media and you'll see yourself, or take a gander below to witness 18 times the internet couldn't have been more accurate with their MBTA rants.

These completely legitimate reasons your train is delayed.

Or these even MORE legitimate reasons.

Lol, touche.

via @woofwellington

Riding the train during rush hour.

Not even sure why they bother making an announcement at all.

via @loganberryzoo

We've all thought it.


Me too, dude, me too.

via @incretoto

This honest poem.

When there's no chance you're waiting for the next car.


I mean, it's not necessarily a bad thing..

via @xandreagloria_mm

The T is like so 1920s.

But seriously though.

The most accurate acronym breakdown for MBTA.


And the most spot-on motto.

Word for word.

via @maris71031

We feel bad for us too.

The pain is real.

Photo cred - People of the MBTA

Good luck Boston transit users, good luck.


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