Every university comes equipped with stories that will go down in history. They are stories that alumni tell for years to come, that freshman hear about during orientation week, that rival school students scoff at amongst each other...and for good reason; they are pretty crazy.

While some of these tales were broadcast on national news, others are lesser known, but equally face-palm worthy. These are just a few of some of the crazy things that have happened at universities in (or around) the Boston area, but I know there are plenty more! So if you've got something to add to the list, feel free to add your story in the comments section!

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Wellesley College // A Semi-Naked Sleepwalker

At first glance there appears to be a man sleepwalking in his underwear near the center of Wellesley College. But upon closer examination, outraged students discovered it to be just an (insanely) realistic-looking statue. Part of an art exhibit, uncomfortable and disturbed students couldn't seem to appreciate the humorous nature of the creation, and even petitioned for it to be taken down.

Emerson // Dorm Rooms For Rent On Airbnb

With the out-of-control tuition expenses constantly on the rise, this story shouldn't necessarily come as a shock...in fact, I'd say it's downright clever. A sophomore at Emerson College decided to make a little extra cash by renting his dorm room out on Aribnb. Obviously, the school made him take the posting down, but I give him an A for effort.

Photo cred - Business Insider

Harvard // Fans Declared, "We Suck"

In 2004, Yale University pulled one of the most hilarious pranks on their greatest football rival, Harvard University. Posing as the Harvard pep squad, Yale students meandered through the home team's side of Harvard stadium, strategically handing out red and white paper. Under the impression that, once all of the paper was held up at the same time the message would read, "Go Harvard," the fans innocently (and eagerly) accepted. But unbeknownst to the Cantabs, when the signs went up, the entire Harvard side of the stadium was gleefully promoting the phrase, "we suck." Completely unaware of their misguided rally, the Harvard fans continued to throw the signs up with enthusiasm.

Boston University // An Insensitive Joke Gone Awry

After being in the spotlight for multiple counts of sexual misconduct back in 2012, the school's independent newspaper decided to put a "lighter" spin on the bombardment of allegations with their April Fools Disney-inspired edition of the paper. But with a feature story titled, "BROken egos: BU fraternity suspended for assaulting female student," boasting an intro of "Seven frat dwarves were arrested last night after they allegedly drugged and gangbanged a Boston University student in an Allston Village cabin,” the ill-conceived "joke" immediately drew vicious backlash. Sorry guys, there's absolutely nothing funny about rape.


UMASS // A Call From The Biebs

While not exactly in Boston, this story from the UMASS Amherst campus deserves a spot on the list (c'mon, Justin Bieber is involved). In 2015 during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Bieber put on his best British accent to prank call an un-expecting fan. During the conversation the Biebs convinced the UMASS student that she was in serious trouble for missing class and the pretty hilarious exchange left the audience, and I'm assuming a ton of the student's colleagues, cracking up.

Boston College // A Drunken Dorm Damage Dispute

It happens. Things get a little out of hand...you can't handle your alcohol...you punch a hole through the wall. And you pay the consequences. But not for one BC student - nope. To him it was clear that he should not have to pay for the damage he induced because, well, "the wall had to go." In a drunk rant emailed to BC's Reslife disputing the charges he received for dorm damages, the student makes some pretty valid points...like, "At the time, spray painting graffiti and attempting to knock the wall down was really our only option." Understandable.

MIT // Time Travel

We all know MIT is full of geniuses, creating products and ideas that we can barely comprehend. But time travel...come on. In 2005, MIT actually held a Time Travelers Convention where over 300 people gathered in the hopes of making contact with time travelers from the future. Yes, there was even a landing zone. Sadly, there was no contact with time travelers of the future (gasp), but MIT continues to publicize the spacetime coordinates so that future time travelers can attend. What the what???


Tufts // Nudie Runs

Originally known as the "West Hall Naked Quad Run," this unusual campus tradition began in the 70s and was revived in the 90s. After slipping into a nice, warm beer blanket, students would strip down to nothing and run together around the Res Quad, as a way to "unwind" just before finals. Don't expect to see a bundle of Tufts' tushes these days, the run was banned back in 2011.

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