Bostonians love their football team, no doubt about it. I mean, what's not to love about a team that has deservedly earned itself the title of one of the most successful teams in the NFL? An even better could you not love a team with the likes of beautiful Tom Brady, and oh-so-hunky Rob Gronkowski.

So maybe that's the key to success? If you want to play for the greatest football team in America, well, you've got to be really, really, ridiculously good looking. Or maybe we just lucked out and coincidence has left us with a team that not only kills it on the field, but provides some pretty tasty eye-candy. In no particular order, here 11 of the hottest New England Patriots players of 2017.

Danny Amandola

via @brittanyee12

Position: Wide Receiver

Age: 31

Relationship status: Taken - Olvia Culp

Why we love him: Danny joined the Patriots back in 2013 as a free agent, just hours after slot receiver, Wes Welker, signed with the Denver Broncos. Just months after playing with the Pats, the unthinkable happened - the Boston Marathon Bombing - and without hesitation, Amandola vowed to donate $100 to a recovery fund for every pass he caught during the season, and $200 for every dropped pass. Good looks and a big heart? We approve.

Malcolm Butler

@mac_bzembedded via

Position: Cornerback

Age: 26

Relationship status: Taken - we think?

Why we love him: Remember that interception at the goal line during Super Bowl XLIX that prevented a Seahawks touchdown with just 20 seconds remaining in the game? Yeah, we can thank Malcolm Butler for that one.

Jimmy Garappolo

via @jimmypolo10

Position: Quarterback

Age: 25

Relationship status: Single

Why we love him: He may be backup to Patriots' QB, Tom Brady, but that doesn't make him any less fact, some may argue he's even more attractive. When Brady was suspended for the first few games of the 2016 season, Garoppolo was their to fill his shoes. And we didn't mind at all.

Tom Brady

via @patriots

Position: Quarterback

Age: 39

Relationship status: Married - Gisele Bündchen

Why we love him:  Easy. He's one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, he's won four Super Bowl championships, two MVP Awards and is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Julian Edelman

via @edelman11

Position: Wide Receiver

Age: 30

Relationship status: Possibly taken - Adriana Lima

Why we love him:  He holds holds the team’s record for longest punt return, the most punts returned for touchdowns, and helped the Patriot's win Super Bowl XLIX. Aside from that, he's been seen canoodling with Brazilian super model, Adriana Lima - hotness overload.

Rob Gronkowski

via @gronk

Position: Tight End

Age: 27

Relationship status: Taken - Camille Kostek

Why we love him: Resident party boy, Gronk is known for his outgoing personality and ability to have a good time. Nothing wrong with that. On the field, he became the first tight end in NFL history to lead the league in receiving touchdowns.

Stephen Gostkowski

@stephen_gostkowskiembedded via

Position: Placekicker

Age: 32

Relationship status: Married - Hallie Gostkowski

Why we love him: The the most accurate kicker in Patriots history, Gostkowski is the Patriots' all-time leader in field goals. We're not the only ones to acknowledge his good looks, Pepsi is putting him front and center of their new #BreakOutThePepsi campaign. I'll drink to that.

Chris Long

via @laflamablanca95

Position: Defensive End

Age: 31

Relationship status: Married - Megan O'Malley

Why we love him: Another Pats player with an admirable heart. In May 2015, Long launched The Chris Long Foundation which raises money for an initiative dedicated to building wells for communities in East Africa.

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