The way minimum wage is set up, having some sort of side hustle in Atlanta is a means of survival. Whether you spend the majority of your days at a desk or are juggling a part-time gig, there is more money to be made every day in the A. Most of the side hustles here don't require you to exert much effort, so it's easy to balance with your everyday grind. We're seeing a second (or third) stream of income in your future with these Atlanta jobs hiring right now.  

Become a standardized patient 

Pay: $15+/hr

If you've got some acting skills to spare, they can add up to some serious change. Essentially, you're paid to act as a patient with a certain condition to a medical student or doctor in training at big-name ATL college campuses like Emory and Morehouse.

Represent a brand 

Pay: $18-45/hour

You've seen the people that pass out samples and flyers at major events, but you probably didn't know how much they got paid. Brand Ambassadors of Atlanta is a network of 20,000 people looking for gigs throughout Georgia that literally pay you for being friendly.

Get paid to speak your mind

Pay: $50-500/hour

You can dish your opinion out for free, or you can get paid hundreds to vocalize it during a focus group. Whether it's all online, a phone interview or an in-person session, you can get paid so much for an hour (or few) of your time at Focus Pointe Global or Fieldwork Atlanta.

Capture and charge "Birds"

Pay: $5-$20/scooter

You've probably eyed someone collecting a plethora of scooters around the city and given them the side-eye. Next time, don't judge them and join them because it adds up to charge those bad boys. You can make an easy $400 a day. 

Star in a movie 

Pay: $64/8 hours and opportunity for much more

Atlanta isn't called the "Hollywood of the South" for nothing. There's plenty of opportunities to become a movie and TV extra, and even more cash for stand-in and featured roles. They'll even feed you like kings and queens on set. 

Invest in a lash tech course 

Pay: $50-100/client

If you've seen the demand for eyelashes, you'd be a fool not to get into the business. You'll have to put up some money upfront to become a certified lash tech, but if you get enough clientele, you'll make that money back in no time. A salon all to yourself might be in your future. 

Bare it all for an art class 

Pay: $20-30/hour

No matter your age, weight, or shape, there's an artist looking to practice their drawing skills. If you're comfortable holding nude poses for an extended period of time, these live drawing classes in Atlanta will pay you big bucks just for being you, all you have to do is reach out. 

Stuff your face 

Pay: $30-100/session

Everyone's dream is to get paid to eat, and Curion is making dreams come true. If you've got an open mind and palette, you can taste test food and beverages so researchers know what works and what doesn't. 


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