Atlanta truly is a city where dreams come true. If you're confined to a 9-to-5 and want out, The Peach State is the place to make your next big move. We're home to CEOs of extensive empires, musicians that religiously claim the A and those taking the big (or small) screen by storm. These are some of the richest CEOs and celebrities from Atlanta that make more money than the average human. 

Donald Glover

Everything Glover touches is gold. From producing the award-winning series Atlanta to starring alongside our forever crush RiRi in Guava Island, he still finds time to produce major musical hits. 

With the recent success of The Lion King, Complex estimated Glover's lifetime filmography earnings to sit at a pretty $3 billion

Chloë Grace Moretz

Moretz has been so busy taking over Hollywood that you probably didn't know she's actually from Atlanta.

Her $12 million net worth can be credited to her mile-long filmography that includes starring roles in Kick-Ass, Dark Places, Neighbors 2 and If I Stay

Sara Blakely

Spanx is a household name (especially when we're trying to fit into a dress we're a little bloated for). Women buying up the classic shapewear benefits the Atlanta-based Blakely empire

Once named the youngest self-made billionaire before being dethroned by Kylie Jenner, Spanx was worth $1 billion in 2018 and likely more today. 

Metro Boomin

If you haven't heard "Metro Boomin wants some more..." as the intro to a rap song, you've been sleeping under a very comfortable rock.

The 26-year-old producer started traveling to Atlanta in 11th grade to collab with some of the most iconic artists in the south. Now he's one of the highest-paid producers in hip-hop with an $8 million net worth.


Brielle Biermann 

When she's not catching flights to hang with some famous friends, she's not much different than the average 22-year-old that lives in Atlanta. 

The main difference is she gets paid to have her life filmed on Don't Be Tardy. During the last season, she reportedly was paid $18,000 per episode

Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti

The on-and-off romance between the Atlanta-based pair seemingly has no end in sight.

One thing that probably won't change is the fact that they rake in a lot of dough together.  Azalea's $10 million net worth combined with Carti's $10 million in earnings last year makes for a pretty lavish lifestyle. 


Young Thug 

Thugger forever puts on for his city, and for that, we'll always support him. He recently shared a glimpse into his earnings with an Instagram caption of "1.5 for a 45 min show ... #ThankUGod"  We're assuming that's 1.5 million and we're shook, to say the least. 

Cardi B & Offset 

Just outside out the inner city in Sandy Springs, Cardi B and Offset are prancing around in their $6 million mansion

That purchase was just a little splurge for the dynamic rap couple who reportedly have a combined total of $50 million in earnings. Their fire doesn't seem to be burning out anytime soon, so we can expect their wealth to keep amassing. 

Anything is possible, so maybe you'll make the list next year.


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