Hurricane season is here and so are the daily storms - and they surely don't appear to be slowing down anything soon. According to The Weather Channel, the entire 10-day forecast for Tampa, Orlando, Miami and surrounding areas is stormy. 

Starting tonight and going until Friday, July 19, the forecast predicts Tampa to expect scattered storms throughout the day every day, while Orlando and Miami will still see some scattered storms and more morning and evening storms. 

While this may sound like it will put a damper on things, you can rest assured there are plenty of indoor activities to do in Florida to get you through the rainy days. 

Additionally, temperatures will stay cooler, only expecting to reach highs in the low 90's.

While it may be tempting to go out and dance in the rain, with all the lightening happening it's important to take precaution when you hear thunder or see storm clouds. Florida is known for its deadly thunderstorms and lightning fatalities. Stay away from bodies of water, open land, and seek shelter under an enclosed building or vehicle.

Of course, after the storm ends you are free to go outside and admire the undeniably beautiful after-storm sunsets!

For more information about the 10-day weather forecast, you can click here

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