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Undoubtedly one of the best pastime activities in PA is hiking, and generally, a hike is peaceful and calming. But from disease-carrying ticks to venomous rattlesnakes, you never know what dangerous critters you might find along your path. Rattlesnakes in Pennsylvania aren't usually a common find, but after seeing a recent video online, it appears that where you find one you might find many. 

One Instagram user, who you might know from his terrifying alligator endeavors in Florida, was just in Pennsylvania exploring an unnamed "northwestern" area when he came across several rattler's within what looks to be about 20ft of each other. Rattlesnake mating season is from mid-summer to September, so seeing this many together at this time of year is a little unusual. 

He posted the video of his find and some further explanation on his Instagram yesterday. 

During the video, just over 8 1/2 minutes long, Chris was accompanied by and a Biologist from Clarion University who explained that this remote sight is a "rare" wild den area for the snakes, used to monitor their activity throughout the year.

As explained in the video, the exact location of the area was kept secret because some people have been known to hunt down rattlesnake dens just to destroy them, and while that might be our first instinct when we come across a creature with such deadly power, as noted in the video, the snakes were surprisingly docile; when Chris approached one it just slid away. 

"Unfortunately like he [the biologist] was saying, a lot of people do kill these things and it's just so sad. I mean, we are literally, as a group, hanging out right around 4, probably more rattlesnakes that we don't even see; completely unaggressive and not interested in people at all," Chris stated in the video. 

Most comments on the video were of people stating how shocked they would have been to see a rattlesnake so close, but one user's comment read, "Timber rattlers are more common than people realize in PA." And another, "I saw one in October in PA while on a 4 day horse back ride, in fall colors so beautiful! I kept my distance! But went on foot, not with my horse."

While usually uncommon, coming across a rattlesnake in the woods isn't unheard of, and they're among the several species of venomous snakes in Pennsylvania. 

If there is one thing we can all take away from this, it's that we should be on the lookout for these camouflaged danger noodles next time we go for a hike! For more information on Pennsylvania snakes, you can click here

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