Several people were hospitalized in Pasadena today after a massive insect problem occurred. A hive broke on a hotel balcony on Colorado Boulevard, sending 40,000 angry bees in Pasadena to swarm the city. An entire block was shut down, causing traffic for hours.

According to KTLA 5, the mayhem started when firefighters responded to a local call about a sting on Colorado Boulevard and Bonnie Avenue. 

They discovered a huge hive hanging from the balcony high up on a hotel balcony. The police were even called for backup, along with a professional beekeeper to remove the hive. 

Around 4 p.m., the Pasadena Fire Department issued an official warning about the influx of bees. 

However, the hive had already broken open, releasing an estimated 40,000 angry bees into the area.

While treating the first patient, one of the firefighters received about 17 stings.

The city spokesperson, Lisa Derderian, said, "Right away we called the police department to assist us with shutting down a large area of Colorado Boulevard, which included Pasadena City College. So there were a lot of students in that area, and we wanted to ensure that we got pedestrians and vehicles off the street."

Derderian confirmed there were some "very aggressive" Africanized bees and professionals were able to use a combination of "CO2 and some smoke to try to mitigate the bees."

However, she admits there is still plenty more work to be done. "Tomorrow morning, it's the responsibility of the hotel to follow up. The bees were found between the eaves and the roof so they may have to break into the walls."

KTLA 5 reports five people have been taken into the hospital following the incident. Everyone is expected to make a full recovery.

Since the accident, the hive has been removed and the roads are reopened.

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