Disneyland recently closed its gates to the public in the wake of the coronavirus. While guests will not be admitted for a while, it seems something else has taken residency near the park. Someone took a video of a Disneyland UFO sighting and it is actually pretty spooky.

Video footage shows a dark, circular cloud forming above the park.

The shot was taken last week on March 8, before the park closure. In the nine-second clip, you can see a black ring floating above the park as it moves through the night sky. 

Cheerful music plays in the background, and one commentator jokes, "Avengers, they're coming!"

In the YouTube video's comment section, one person wrote, "I read that two airline pilots claimed a ufo hovered over them. I wonder if that had anything to do with it."

This reference recalls a similar UFO sighting in 1957 at a San Diego military base.

According to the International Business Times, a similar-looking sighting was also covered in an official report from a U.S. Air Force project.

While the sighting isn't a usual one at Disneyland, most of the people commenting on the YouTube video do not seem too convinced it is a UFO.

One person wondered if it could be insects forming a mass swarm. 

Another pointed out that it could be smoke rising from the canons at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or only emission from the park or the World of Color show.

They wrote, "don’t think this is a ufo or aliens. There is a vid from 3 years ago that shows this exact same ring-like object. It must be a byproduct of something in the park."

Whatever it is, fans and commentators do not appear to be ruling anything out. Who could blame a UFO for wanting to stop by The Happiest Place on Earth?

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