Let's pray for these April rains to go away soon because later this month there will be a full "Pink Moon" shining over Texas that you will want to see. This month on April 19th, the Pink Moon will be visible over North America for everyone to marvel at. You'll want to pull up a chair and watch the night sky for hours.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the name "Pink Moon" comes from the blooming "moss pink" flowers that grow abundantly in the springtime. Every full moon used to have its own name given by the Native Americans, so this incredible Spring full moon has been referred to as the Pink Moon for hundreds of years now.

The Pink Moon will be visible on the early morning of April 19th before the sun comes up. In Texas, the peak of the full moon will be pretty early, at 6:12 AM for East Texas cities like Houston, Dallas and Austin, and 5:12 AM for the West Texas cities like El Paso. Set your alarms if you want to see the peak of the moon, but you'll still be able to enjoy it the evening before as well.

The folklore surrounding the Pink Moon suggests that if the full Moon rises as a pale color, you should expect rain to come. Let's hope that doesn't happen! It also states that the short period after the Pink Moon is the best time to kill weeds and tend to your garden, so maybe its time to pick up some new gardening gloves.

Contrary to its name, this moon doesn't actually glow a vibrant pink, it is simply named the Pink Moon because it was named that after the springtime flowers of the season it appears in. Either way, the moon will be big, gorgeous, and completely full all night and morning long. The next big full moon event this summer will be the "Blue Moon", which actually can shine as a mysterious blue color!

For a peaceful evening under the moon and stars, head outside or sit out on your porch with a cup of tea and enjoy the relaxing incoming warm weather while you gaze into the night sky and see the giant Pink Moon. 

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