A video was recently posted on TikTok of Sasha Obama dancing to a popular song with a group of friends, and the internet is eating it up. 

Though it was later deleted by the TikTok user, the video went viral and "Sasha Obama" was trending on Twitter Wednesday morning.

The video blew up on Twitter as people praised Sasha for "living her best life."

Some commented that they were happy to see her having fun with a "normal looking" group of friends. 

Others pointed out the 19-year-old's stunning resemblance to her mother, Michelle Obama. 

Twitter users complimented Sasha's outfit and nails, saying she's absolutely gorgeous.

And another user praised Sasha for staying true to herself.

Some worried that when they saw Sasha trending it would be bad news and were ready to go to battle for her. 

But they were relieved to find out that she was trending for quite the opposite reason.


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