A hazmat situation is underway in Los Angeles, following an airline accident this morning. An LAX-bound plane dumped fuel all over an elementary school playground.

According to CBSN Los Angeles, around 30 children at Park Avenue Elementary School reported having a reaction after the plane flew overhead. 

Students and staff may have inhaled some of the fumes. They were quickly brought indoors and told to remain inside while awaiting emergency instructions.

Paramedics are currently on the ground, treating patients who reportedly have breathing problems and skin irritations.

The Los Angeles City Fire spokesperson, Nicholas Prange, added that two classes were outside when the liquid fell from the sky and contaminated the playground area around noon today. 

At this time, the firefighting team is working to confirm whether or not the substance that fell from the sky was indeed gas. However, since many school attendants mentioned a strong smell of fuel, it seems likely. 

NBC Boston reports that no one was brought to the hospital.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued this statement: "Delta Air Lines Flight 89 declared an emergency after departing from LAX, returned to the airport and landed without incident. The FAA is aware of and looking into reports that children at a school east of LAX are being treated for fuel exposure."

Los Angeles Unified’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety also responded to the emergency.

The jet landed safely at LAX and police immediately arrived on the scene with sirens. LAX officials have not yet commented on the issue. 

At this time, it is unclear whether or not the aircraft experienced a mid-flight emergency that caused the fuel to leak or whether it was done as a danger-evading procedure to reduce weight before landing. 

This is a breaking story. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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