It's not a secret that Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is normally pretty busy. Getting to the airport three to four hours before your flight is crucial if you want to make it through security to get to your terminal on time. Since locals began self-quarantining, the traffic in the airport has slowed down drastically and the Atlanta airport has become a ghost town. 

The number of flights has decreased weekly since this pandemic began, which means fewer employees at the airport, as well as passengers. 

To date, there's already been an 85% decline in passengers throughout the past month, allowing travelers to pass through security lines in about 15 minutes.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed a new bill last week that will bring relief to Atlanta airport businesses and employees — over 63,000 individuals.

According to Fox 5, the bill will suspend upcoming rental payments until June 30. This was done in the hopes that businesses will use what they would've spent on rent on their employees instead.

At times, there have been less than 10 people on domestic flights. People have taken to Instagram to show how empty their flights are, and they aren't complaining. 

Hartsfield-Jackson tweeted on March 17 that they've closed the North and South domestic terminal. 

According to CBS 46, the airport currently has about 1,100 flights a day; before, they would typically have around 2,700.

Airlines like Southwest are supposed to cut their flying schedule by at least 40%. This will start in May and is set to end in early June, so the airport will be looking like a ghost town for a few more months. 

If you do have to fly, the CDC advises fliers to practice social distancing and to wash your hands whenever you can. 

The airport's website has informed the public that the safety of its employees and passengers is its first priority.

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